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Radio Advertisers - Shame On You!

Radio Advertisers - Shame On You!

Radio Hosts, Shame On You For Promoting!Advertising is one thing. Selling your listeners down the river to a shady organization for a quick buck is another! Would you refer your mother to the scam artist selling fake Rolex watches on the corner? Heck No! Then why are you basically doing the same thing to us, your listeners, by pitching

Your listeners are the reason for your income. The reason that advertisers come to you asking to pay you handsomely to get their word out. So, why would you endorse a company whose 'home business owners' realize a failure rate equal to, or greater than some of the riskiest businesses one could possibly start.

Consider this:

Herbalife has no sustainable customer base. 80% of all its distributors quit the scheme within one year and there is no evidence that the distributors engage in profitable retail selling. The schemes gains its revenue by recruiting unwitting consumers into a bogus "direct selling" business and inducing them to buy "inventory."

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And, this:

Herbalife lures consumers to invest in its "business opportunity" as "Supervisors" - and requires them to buy up to $3,000 of products. An independent analysis of Herbalife's actual commission payments revealed a top-loaded pay plan in which 85% of all commissions are transferred to less than 1% of distributors at the top, and financial losses suffered by 99% of the rest of the distributors. 60% of the "Supervisors" quit within a year. The average Herbalife payment to the Supervisors is just $10.55 a week. Herbalife must replace all the dropouts each year.

With numbers like these, you don't have to be a Occupy Wall Streeter to get pissed off about the 1% at the top raking it in on the backs of the 99% who are covering all the losses. Liberal, Independent, or Conservative, who could endorse a company like this? It didn't take but a few short hours of research to dig up some pretty disgusting numbers and factual information about HerbaLife, how could anyone want to promote this company is beyond me.

Even worse, many of the radio hosts on the advertiser roster have teams of researchers who are fact checking and source checking the stories they are covering. So, how in the world did's connection to HerbaLife not get looked up? How did the failure and financial loss rates escape these folks? Did they ( just sell them a pretty picture with a big fat paycheck attached? Sure, working with a multibillion dollar, publicly traded company that operates in over 70 countries sounds great ... Until you realize that they are essentially (systematically) ripping off the most vulnerable and desperate in today's very precarious financial times. preys on those with the desire and ambition to change their lives and better their financial position with false promises and a system designed to separate the unwitting victim from as much of their money as possible, in the shortest about of time. They go after all the key items to draw folks in; financial security, kids, long-term income, and fast/easy money. But they what they won't tell you is that 80% of the people who get started with them drop out within their first year after suffering nothing but financial loss.

Consider this:

There are about 28 names radio hosts & radio shows on the public advertising/endorsement roster. The vast majority of these radio hosts have been paid their super-premium 'personality/talent fee' to record custom ads for to play during their show. The top names in radio can command  in excess of one million dollars a year for their 'personality/talent fee.' But, for argument sake, lets just say that the average 'personality/talent fee' per radio host/show is $500,000 per year - $500K x 28 = $14,000,000.

Fourteen million dollars is a ton of money. If the only revenue that could generate is the fifty dollars for their Internet Business Starter Pack, they have to cut through (rip off) 280,000 --- for those not paying full attention, that's TWO HUNDRED EIGHY THOUSAND PEOPLE PER YEAR, JUST TO PAY FOR THE ADVERTISING.

That's right, would need to clip over a quarter of a million people per year for that initial $50, just to cover their advertising. Add up the average listener numbers from all these radio shows, and it's easy to see how that can be achieved.

So, what are you going to do about it?

It's time to send a message to these radio hosts and radio shows and tell them to quit pitching the 'false opportunity' that is Click Here to go to the Radio Host Wall Of Shame Page and sends messages directly to the radio hosts you listen to. Click Here to sign our online petition calling for all of these radio hosts and shows to collectively drop from their advertiser roster.

Here's the list of radio hosts & shows that are currently listed as advertisers/endorsers of

Tell'em 'Drop!'

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Delilah, Dr. Laura, Anthony Valary, Joe, Bartlett, Todd Schnitt, Mark Levin, Roger Hedgecock, Jason Lewis, Michael Savage, Bill Press, Randi Rhodes, Neal Boortz, Todd N Tyler, Slow James with R Dub!, Sybil Wilkes, Tom Joyner, Charlie Tuna, The Art Laboe Show, George Noory, Yolanda Adams, Shirley Strawberry, Coast To Coast, Steve Harvey, Rick & Bubba, Laura Ingraham, Praise 106.5

Don't Be A Fool!

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